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Friday, December 13 2013

Transitions, Kim Xu Exhibition is available for viewing


Kim Xu, On the Way I, 40 x 30 cm, watercolor on paper, 2013

December 13th, 2013 - March 13th, 2014

Open to the public please contact us the make appointment..

Hours: 11am - 4pm Monday - Friday

Transitions, A dialog of the past and the present. Artist Kim Xu's exhibition with his new work serious is opening today. For artist Kim Xu his grand father has played a huge role in his life and in his art. This series, Transitions is dedicated to him. Kim began painting with his grand-father who taught him calligraphy and then encouraged Kim to develop in drawing and painting. Currently, Kim’s paintings now encompass pencil, oil and mixed-media, and have been exhibited in the States and Asia. Over the years, Kim has evolved as an artist from detailed drawings of idealized female figures to more profound dialog and composition. His last series, Ming Ling , Kim Xu focused on the soul of the women he depicted and their story. As the artist evolved, the characters came to life in a more complex manner. In Transitions, we find Kim Xu playing with new influences. Historical references, Chinese traditional landscape and calligraphy, combine with his ever present contemporary female personalities. This transition presents new dialog and direction in his work. Inspired by his grand-father's calligraphy, in one section of this series, Kim plays with Ancient Chinese poems and transforms the Chinese characters into individual figures. The characters become dancers, words become living figures creating a ballet of movement.

Click here to read the press release.

Thursday, October 10 2013

The Art's Vice Magazine coverage of Emmanuelle Bousquet

Recently, The Art's Vice Magazine interviewed artist and photographer Emmanuelle Bousquet. The coverage is about her "Whispers" series. Emmanuelle Bousquet's new art pieces will also be mounted for early next year to be exhibited.

EmmanuelleBousquet_Illusion No.6 Artsvice_cover.jpg Artsvice-EmmanuelleBousquet.jpg

Wednesday, September 18 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn holiday

Notice: The Art Connoisseur's Suite will be closed on September 19 and will be reopened on September 20. We wishing you have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Holiday. 通知:艺术鉴赏家之家由于中秋假期,9月19日将不对外开发,9月20日对外开放。祝大家中秋快乐。


A new collection of paper cut work from Wang Lihua is available for viewing

We are very pleased to meet artist Wang Lihua in person her new works are moving and absolutely beautiful. Private viewing for Wang Lihua's work is available by appointment. Tell: +86 2164667428 Email:

photo_1.JPG photo_3.JPG

Wednesday, August 14 2013

"Warhol in China" has been closed

Due to the success charity sales, the photography exhibition by Christopher Makos, "Warhol in China,",has been closed to the public. We encourage you to visit other online resources related to Christopher's photography collection. Art Connoisseur's Suite is open for viewing, please come to visit us at 3rd floor, 1250 Xinzha Road. We regret any inconvenience.


Tuesday, July 23 2013

Elisabeth de Brabant is proud to announce our new artist from Paris- Emmanuelle Bousquet

We are proud to announce our new artist from Paris- Emmanuelle Bousquet. Born in Nîmes, she lives and works in Paris.Her sensual and sophisticated works invite us to her artistic world of mystery and fantasy.
Emmanuelle Bousquet, who introduces herself : “I took my first self-portraits when I was ten years old, when my maternal grandmother bought me a small red Kodak camera that I’d been begging for non-stop. In my first pictures I was simply imitating what I’d seen models do in magazines. Born into a creative family, fashion was my reference point.”
As she grew older, Bousquet took an approach to photography that was less playful but still essentially a means of expression. She photographed the two women she knew best: her mother and her sister. She then thought that it would be better to use her body the way a painter uses a brush. She passed on the other side of the looking glass, making a first black and white series .
In 2004, she met photographer Antoine d’Agata, who suggested that she cleanned her self-portraits of any influence from fashion and society. She shut herself indoors for a week and shot her first real series of self-portraits, Troubles.
Since then she has continued developing her process, deepening her work on femininity and the evolution of her life over time.
Her works can be found at soon.

博雅珊非常荣幸的宣布,我们最新代理的法国艺术家Emmanuelle Bousquet。Emmanuelle Bousquet是法国女摄影师,出生于1979年,现工作和生活在巴黎, Emmanuelle拍摄最多的是她最了解的两位女人——她的母亲和姐姐,她认为人的身体就好似画家手中的画笔,最终的摄影作品呈现类似绘画的质感和笔触。她的作品将可在我们的网站欣赏到,敬请关注我们即将为其推出的最新的画册。

med_emma_bousquet_illusion_30-jpg.jpg med_emma_bousquet_illusion_12-jpg.jpg med_emma_bousquet_illusion_16-jpg.jpg

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